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Outland Camp has received numerous press releases throughout the years, highlighting our live performances and our obscure style of music. Between booking and headlining our own showcase events at notable venues to opening for dozens of national touring acts, our name has garned the attention of the media. 

Tech N9ne – Krizz Kaliko – Dax – ¡MAYDAY! – UBI – Outland Camp – Live at The Worcester Palladium

July 26, 2019

I closed my eyes for a whole song of theirs after I was done shooting the set and thought I was transported to a Wu-tang show. For a local opener on a massive show like this, they had a huge crowd going for them.

Chris Small

Ghost Cult Magazine

Outland Camp to Perform Sept. 9 at Palladium

Sept 7, 2017

“Outland Camp rides the line between two brands of hip-hop: The first is a Dionysian, self-indulgent exploration of sex and drugs. The other is a send-up of popular culture that’s driven by an underlying sense of anger. It’s all held together by a bass-driven groove and tightly crafted rhymes…they manage to create extremely compelling music.”

Victor D. Infante

Worcester Telegram

ICP Rattle Palladium Worcester, MA

Nov 27, 2015

They fed off the energy from the crowd, getting as much from the lovers as they did from the haters. From the get-go, Krill, Jenkins, Jimi Carter, and Waldo gave a solid performance and set the tone of the night with some amazing music.

KelleyAnne Bujold

Cryptic Rock

Kill Your Idols Jan. 24 at The Palladium

Jan 23, 2014

And that’s OK, because hip-hoppers Outland Camp’s “Bohemian grove Sampler 2013” is a lot of fun top listen to, and the band’s “Silence of the Scrams” has some old-school record scratch sounds that give the song a jagged edge.

Victor D. Infante

Worcester Telegram

Killer Show Recap: Geto Boys @ The Middle East (6.29.2013)

June 30, 2013

They have quite a sizeable and enthusiastic fanbase that you begin to realize are part Juggalos. They rocked their set but towards the end of it they did a song that incited about 5 of their fans to begin slamdancing.

Dart Adams

Killer Boom Box

Am I Blue?

Dec 13, 2012

That’s not to say that profanity is the rap outfit’s only trick. A lot of the Outland Camp’s work revolves around of feeling alienation and abandonment wrapped up in light sci-fi themes. Moreover, their raps are sharp and complex, the tone changing constantly and surprisingly.

Victor D. Infante

Worcester Telegram