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Outland Camp is an organic group of four unorthodox artists known as P-Crack, Jenkins, Jimi Carter and Waldo. Our eclectic sound is created in-house with all custom production and audio engineering work done by Jenkins. With roots in Massachusetts, we have been representing New England since 2007. Our consistent record of high energy live performances that demolish the stages of notable venues — along side numerous national acts — has helped bridge the gaps between different factions of independent Hip-Hop and forge a dedicated fan base.

Group picture of Outland Camp (Wado, Jenkins, Jimi Carter, P-Crack)

“Outland Camp rides the line between two brands of hip-hop: The first is a Dionysian, self-indulgent exploration of sex and drugs. The other is a send-up of popular culture that’s driven by an underlying sense of anger. It’s all held together by a bass-driven groove and tightly crafted rhymes…they manage to create extremely compelling music.”

Victor D. Infante

Worcester Telegram

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